Il Compagno segreto" - Lunario letterario. Numero 1, 3 dicembre 2002



"Il compagno 


di Joseph Conrad








il racconto


diari di lettura


la matta





Ecco due frammenti di cui si offrono alcune traduzioni. 

Chi vuole inviare le sue prove mandi  una mail. 





"His whisper was getting fainter and fainter, and all the time he stared straight out the port-hole, in which there was not even a star to be seen. I had not interrupted him. There was something that made comment impossible in his narrative, or perhaps in himself; a sort of feeling, a quality, which I can't find a name for. And when he ceased, all I found was a futile whisper: "So you swam for our light?"




"And there we sat; I at my writing-desk ready to appear busy with some papers, he behind me out of sight of the door. It would not have been prudent to talk in day-time; and I could not have stood to excitement of that queer sense of whispering to myself. Now and then, glancing over my shoulder, I saw him far back there, sitting rigidily on the low stool, his bare feet close together, his arm folded, his head hanging on his breast - and perfectly still. Anybody would have taken him for me."


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Mario Curreli
Pietro De Logu
Piero Jahier 

Dacia Maraini





il titolo

The secret sharer